Business Poison (2013)

The secrets of modern business success can be found within the bloodstream of an organisation. When innovation circulates deep within, market-changing products and services get launched, often to great admiration. When social responsibility courses through corporate veins, lives can change as hope is granted. All of this is wonderfully opportunistic and worth aspiring to, provided that the bloodstream isn’t infected by business poison, rendering the organisation unable to function properly.Business poison is incorrect reasoning in argumentation, resulting in a dangerous misconception.

Unfortunately the risk is so high that even the most successful companies are sometimes riddled with business poison that infects multiple parts of the organisation, yet often masquerades as standard business practice. Business poison is subtle, secretive and smart. Throughout decades in business, I’ve witnessed the wisest executives ingest and digest the worst possible poisons, without even realising the inherent damage they cause to their business.

Sadly, I too have been fooled in the past by a range of mistaken beliefs that have had an extraordinarily negative impact on my own businesses.In this book the poisons and infections will be isolated from the bloodstream and paraded in broad daylight for all to see. From experience it is unlikely that any company is totally immune to this range, yet hopefully you may recognise the signs early enough to combat the damage. In this effort, a number of potential antidotes are on offer that can be used to neutralise the poisons and limit the risk of infections spreading.As business poison is so far-reaching and infection spreads so quickly, now is definitely the right time to read this book in order to keep those business ailments at bay.


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