Advisory Packages

Throughout my career, businesses of all shapes and sizes have asked me for support and I'm honoured to have helped them unlock success. Regardless of where you are in your journey, it's likely I can help leverage new thinking and competitive advantage in ways that you can apply immediately. Choose from the following video call packages:

Ad Hoc Advisory
(video call pack of 3 hours)
This video call package is for individuals or teams to discuss plans, challenges or opportunities they have at present. Any questions or topics can be sent in advance so I can prepare. You can use the 3-hour pack as you wish, provided they are used within a month of purchase. If you wish, you can split the hours into 30-minute sessions.
Alignment & Action
(video call pack of 12 hours)
This video call package is for those who have an ongoing task or project that requires more in-depth support. You have a total of 12 hours that can be used across 3 months. Any documentation can be sent in advance of each session such as business plans, presentations, budgets and policies.
Advanced Acceleration
(on-demand, flexible timing)
This package is for people who require the most advanced level of support, including access to my black book of global contacts. You will have access to me as an ongoing advisor in the background, assisting in whatever capacity is needed. This could be classed as a NED role, or 'CEO whisperer', whatever works for you.
On our calls we can explore any of the following areas:
Product Market Fit
Identifying market need, desire for your product/service and the value created in the market.
SWOT Analysis
Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats related to your project and product/service.
Resourcing Assessment
Assessing your people, technology and cashflow to ensure that the required resources will enable growth.
GTM Assessment
Assessing your Go-To-Market strategy that specifies how you can reach target customers and achieve competitive advantage.
Growth Driver Assessment
Assessment of your customers, staff, technology, operations, finance, transactions and risk, in terms of how these drive the business.
Growth Recommendation
Strategic recommendation of how your growth drivers can be supercharged to unlock greater success.
Timeline Analysis
Reviewing your project timeline in terms of aspiration versus reality, with recommendations if there is delta.
Competitor Analysis
Mapping your competitors (present and potential) to understand and leverage points of differentiation.
Partner/Prospect Recommendation
Identification of partners or prospects who may be able to increase your commercial success.
I hope the above resonates and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Jonathan MacDonald